About TyphoonCon Reverse engineering Typhoons

TyphoonCon was founded in 2018 by SSD Secure Disclosure. The event was nearly cancelled due to a typhoon hitting Hong Kong, but took place nonetheless and was extremely successful and ultimately gave us the inspiration of changing the event’s name to TyphoonCon.

TyphoonCon focuses on highly technical offensive security issues such as vulnerability discovery, advanced exploitation techniques and reverse engineering.  TyphoonCon was
established with the belief in researchers wanting to share their research, discoveries and experience with other security enthusiasts out there.

SSD Secure Disclosure, the company behind TyphoonCon is a vulnerability disclosure program established in 2007. SSD acquires high end vulnerabilities in various stages of research, PoC and similar; affecting major operating systems, software, devices. SSD reports them to the vendors and to our clients and builds long lasting relationships between vendors and researchers.

Designed by researchers, for researchers, SSD provides the fast response and support needed to get zero-day vulnerabilities responsibly reported to vendors and get researchers the compensation they deserve. 

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