beVX was the first offensive security conference organized by Beyond Security and VXRL, held in Hong Kong on September 20-21. beVX focused on highly technical offensive security topics such as vulnerability discovery, advanced exploitation techniques and reverse engineering. We created beVX because we believe that researchers want to share their research, discovery and experience with all security enthusiasts out there.


Andrew Wesie / @zoaedk – CTF Evolved 
Halvar Flake / @halvarflake – The good 0(ld) days
Adam Donenfeld /  @doadam – Viewer discretion is advised: (De)coding an iOS vulnerability
Eric Sesterhenn / @X41Sec – In Sowjet Russia Smartcard Hacks You
James Lee / @windowsrcer – A Journey of Logical Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Browsers
Max Bazaliy / @mbazaliy – Dual booting modern iOS devices
SungHyoun Song / @decashx – Bypass Android Security Mechanisms using Custom Android
Dennis Giese – Not all IoT Devices are Created Equal: Reverse Engineering of Xiaomi’s IoT ecosystem
Vitaly Nikolenko / @vnik5287 – Dissecting a 17-old Linux Kernel Bug
Yunding Jian @WhiteA10n3 / KaiJern Lau @xwings – Wireless Hacking with ‘HackCUBE’
Luat Nguyen / @l4wio – Tail of pdfium use-after-free series
Sheng-Hao Ma / @aaaddress1 – Playing Malware Injection with Exploit thoughts
Julian Rauchberger / Tobias Dam – Breaking the Bluetooth stack: Where to look and what to expect
Niklas Baumstark / @_niklasb – Thinking outside the (Virtual)Box
Brandon Azad / @_bazad – Crashing to root: How to escape the iOS sandbox using abort()
Nikita Tarakanov / @NTarakanov – Exploiting Kernel Pool Overflows on Windows 10 RS4
Seunghun Han / @kkamagui1 – The Last Man Standing: The Only Practical, Lightweight and Hypervisor-Based Kernel Protector Struggling with the Real World Alone


Linux Kernel Exploit Development by Vitaly Nikolenko

iOS Sandbox Escape Vulnerability and Exploitation by Hao Xu/Pangu

Hack2Win eXtreme

Our annual hacking competition.