Boris Larin & Alexey Kulaev

TyphoonCon 2020 Speaker

Boris Larin is a Senior Security Researcher in the Global Research and Analysis Team at Kaspersky.
In his current role, Boris is responsible for finding zero-days exploited in the wild. Boris is very passionate about reverse engineering and has been practicing it for the last decade, performing vulnerability research on different CPU architectures and systems. Recently he has become the first researcher to take part in the private Sony PlayStation bug bounty program. Boris also specializes in discovery of supply chain attacks and he is originally discovered ASUS “Operation ShadowHammer” and a few others. His latest write-ups about zero-day exploits and the inner workings of commonly exploited software can be found on

Alexey Kulaev is a Senior Malware Analyst in Exploits and Network Threats Detection Team at Kaspersky. In his current role, Alexey is responsible for development of exploit detection technologies. In his free time he likes to examine attack surface of video games consoles (such as PS4 or Xbox One) by developing web browser exploits for them. Besides that, he is publicly known as one of the most active developers of PS4 console hacking scene.

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