Pedro Ribeiro

Pedro Ribeiro is a vulnerability researcher and reverse engineer with over 10 years of
commercial experience. Pedro has found and exploited hundreds of vulnerabilities in
software and hardware products. He has over 150 CVE ID’s attributed to his name (most of
which related to remote code execution vulnerabilities) and has authored over 60 Metasploit
modules that have been released publicly.
Besides his vulnerability research activities, he is the founder and director of a penetration
testing and reverse engineering consultancy based in London, with a variety of clients
worldwide. More information about Pedro’s publicly disclosed vulnerabilities can be found at
Pedro has delivered several training courses before on Secure Coding, Web Application
Penetration Testing and Fuzzing of Embedded Devices to a variety of private clients.


June 20-22, 2022 TyphoonCon 2022 Agenda

Hunting Zero Days in Embedded Devices

The course will go in depth into several classes of vulnerabilities, with practical exercises on
real and emulated devices of different CPU architectures. Each vulnerability class will be
described, studied and then exploited in a variety of different ways.