Prof. Dr. Seungjoo (Gabriel) Kim

Keynote speaker 2020

Seungjoo Kim has been a professor of the Department of Cyber Defense in School of Cybersecurity at Korea University since 2011. For the past 7 years he was an associate professor of Sungkyunkwan University and has 5 years of background as team leader of Cryptographic Technology Team and also IT Security Evaluation Team of KISA (Korea Internet & Security Agency).

In addition to being a professor, Seungjoo Kim is director of CHAOS (Center for High-Assurance Operating Systems), head of SANE (Security Analysis aNd Evaluation) Lab, an adviser of hacking club 'CyKor (DEFCON CTF 2015 & 2018 winner)' of Department of Cyber Defense in Korea University and founder/advisory director of an international security & hacking conference 'SECUINSIDE'.

His current professional focus is being a presidential committee member on the 4th industrial revolution in Korea and an advisory committee member of several public and private organizations such as NIS (National Intelligence Service), Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Justice, Supreme Prosecutors' Office, Korea National Police Agency, Nuclear Safety and Security Commission, etc.

TyphoonCon 2020 talk