Radek Domanski

Radek Domanski started his professional career 12 years ago securing large networks and
systems and transitioned afterwards into offensive security. He worked on high profile
projects within the largest Internet Service Provider in Europe and in the research center of
one of the world's largest telecommunications equipment companies.
Radek found a number of critical vulnerabilities in real products and systems that are used
by millions of users worldwide. Throughout the years of working on offensive product
security Radek developed a unique methodology and honed his skills of vulnerability
At the moment Radek is working as a specialised consultant in hardware and automotive
hacking, exploitation and reverse engineering of embedded systems. He also regularly
teaches free hardware hacking workshops at security conferences and universities.


June 20-22, 2022 TyphoonCon 2022 Agenda

Hunting Zero Days in Embedded Devices

The course will go in depth into several classes of vulnerabilities, with practical exercises on
real and emulated devices of different CPU architectures. Each vulnerability class will be
described, studied and then exploited in a variety of different ways.