Ben Sparks

TyphoonCon 2020 Speaker

Ben Sparks | Independent security researcher
Location: Courtyard by Marriott Seoul Namdaemun, Seoul, Korea
Title: Diffing the iOS Kernel: Getting LPE the Easy Way
Date: June 18th, 2020


Ben Sparkes (@iBSparkes) is an independent security researcher studying iOS/macOS and XNU. He has been active in the jailbreaking scene, writing
jailbreaks such as Meridian and Totally Not Spyware, and is now primarily focused on iOS kernel vulnerability analysis and exploitation.


Performing research on Apple’s latest devices and iOS versions is not always a simple feat. We commonly rely on 1-day bugs burnt by Google’s Project Zero and other research teams to do our own analysis, or needing valuable and scarce 0-day exploits.

What if there is a simpler way to get kernel-level access? In this talk Ben will cover techniques for diffing the iOS kernel looking for vulnerabilities, using tools such as Diaphora and IDA, and will demonstrate how you can find and build your own kernel exploit using potentially unpublished 1-day bugs.