TyphoonCon 2019 was held on June 10th-14th in Seoul, including three days of training and two days of conference, and was attended by over 120 security researchers and hackers, that came from all over the world in order to educate themselves with security enthusiasts just like them.


SeungJin Lee / @Beist – Opening Keynote
Louis Hur / @Louishur – Closing Keynote
Altaf Shaik – New attacks targeting 5G networks
Boris Larin / @oct0xor & Alexander Liskin / @0x1ffffffffffff – Momigari – Overview of the latest Windows OS kernel exploits found in the wild
Ben Sparkes / @iBSparkes / @PsychoTea – Totally Not Spyware Jailbreak
Brandon Azad / @_bazad – Voucher Swap
James Lee / @Windowsrcer – One API to rule them all: Receive 10+ CVEs with bugs which broke SOP in All Major Browsers
Jeremy Fetiveau / @__x86 – Attacking TurboFan
Ki Chan Ahn / @externalist – The journey on exploiting the Magellan bug on Chrome
Kirils Solovjovs / @KirilsSolovjovs – RouterOS vulnerabilities and malware campaigns
Paolo Stagno / @Void_Sec – A Drone Tale,  All Your Drones Are Belong To Us
Seunghun Han / @kkamagui1 – Betrayal of Reputation: Trusting the Untrustable Hardware and Software with Reputation
Siguza / @s1guza – Evolution of iOS mitigations
Valentina Palacin / @fierytermite – Once Upon a Time in the West – A story on DNS Attacks
Yongtao Wang / @by_sanr, Yang Zhang / @izykw – NTLM Relay Risk Is Coming: A New Exploit Technique Makes It Reborn
Zhi Zhou / @CodeColorist – I Want to Break Free: Unusual Logic Safari Sandbox Escape


Jonathan Levin – *OS – Security & Insecurity Workshop
Prateek Gianchandani – Offensive Mobile Reversing and Exploitation
Ashfaq Ansari – Windows Kernel Exploitation

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