TyphoonCon conference and workshop was founded in 2018 by SSD Secure Disclosure. Following recent developments worldwide relating to COVID-19, TyphoonCon 2020 was transformed to a highly successful online event and in 2021 – A highly challenging CTF event.

TyphoonCon CTF 2021 presented Reverse engineering, Vulnerability Research and web challenges designed to test participants hacking skills. The CTF started at 12pm UTC on July 12, 2021 and lasted for 72 hours. The official website for the CTF was https://typhooncon.com/ctf/

This is an official write-up on how the challenges were supposed to be solved. Some creative contestants found a number of other ways to crack these tasks and will be added below once sent over.

Easy challenges

Medium challenges

Hard challenges

Network Configuration

Debug Or Me

Additional questions? comments? Please email Info@TyphoonCon.com