UPDATE (June 25th 2019)

No one has managed to solve our challenge, so it is still on!

Welcome to the TyphoonCon 2019 Challenge!

Think you’ve got what it takes?



First Prize

1000$ USD + Free Ticket for TyphoonCon 2020

Second Prize

800$ USD + Free Ticket for TyphoonCon 2020

Third Prize

Free Ticket for TyphoonCon 2020



The contest is open to everyone, we will be pick the winners based on their submission time and completeness of their solution.

The submission should be sent to info@typhooncon.com

Submissions should include code that when launched interacts – via network traffic – with the provided challenge program and obtains the hidden message: “TyphoonCon 2019 Get this string first!”.

Submissions will only be considered as correct if they contain:

  • Documentation of the attack flow being used to obtain the message
  • Code that utilizes network communication between your program and the Challenge program