TyphoonPWN 2022

We add a learning dimension to TyphoonCon with TyphoonPWN: a yearly live hacking competition, hosting experts from leading companies & interactive workshops all designed to offer a complete learning experience for participants interested in practicing their skills and master something new while doing it.

Hover over the items below to check out previous years awards: 


Safari RCE – $80K USD
iPhone XR – IOS PE – $60K USD
iPhone 11 – IOS PE – $80K USD


LPE – $50K USD


Windows PE – Medium to System – $10K USD
Windows PE – Chrome Sandbox to Kernel – $40K USD
HVCI Bypass – $50K USD


SBX Galaxy A10 – SM 10 – $50K USD
SBX Pixel 4 – $80K USD
Android Kernel PE – Galaxy A10 – SM 10 – $50K USD
Android Kernel PE – Pixel 4 – $80K USD
Application RCE on Android – $60K USD


Chrome RCE – $80K USD
Chrome SBX on Windows – $80K USD

MS Exchange

Pre Authentication RCE – $75K USD
Post Authentication RCE – $60K USD
Impersonation – $40K USD
Aauthentication bypass – $40K USD

2022 Registration and product scope

Registration details and specific products participating in TyphoonPWN 2022 will be announced soon.

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